Other Non-fiction


Origin and Evolution of the English Language (Dec 2019) Presentation to Atheist Friends in Wonderment.

Burgess-Shale-Journey (Sept. 2016) Presentation on my hike to the famous fossil quarry on Aug 26, 2016. (Without the notes, sorry.)

Cassini Mission to Saturn, and Carolyn Porco (June 2016). Presentation to Atheist Friends in Wonderment, based on presentation given by Carolyn Porco, NASA scientist, at “Imagine No Religion 5” conference, June 5-7, 2015, Vancouver. (without the notes, sorry)

Polyglots! – Powerpoint presentation in PDF (Nov 2015)  (without the notes, sorry)

A paean to polyglots (Sep 2014)

Transforming Data Into Reality – Western Energy magazine, an article for BC Hydro with two co-authors. PDF, pages 13-17 (Jan 2013)

Land-Lording it over tenant’s rights – a renter’s rant (Jan 1996)

The Problem with Prisons (Jan 1995)

Duck Hybrids and Variants in Greater Vancouver – Includes duck photos. Co-authored with Stephen Arthur. (March 1994)

Fun and Games and Success – The story of the game “Gender Bender”. (Sep 1991)

About Gender Bender – the rules and sample questions.

Joyce Arthur’s resume, 2019

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