Blasphemy is not Racism (May 2016) Accusations of “Islamophobia” silence people out of fear or misplaced political correctness. Doing so means excusing terrorism, and ignoring injustice in Muslim countries.

“Proving History” Shows that Jesus Never Lived on Earth: A look at the “Quest for the historical Jesus” and historian Richard Carrier’s application of Bayes’s Theorem (April 2015)

Time to repeal Canada’s blasphemy law (March 2015)

Freedom from religion: An essential right for all (March 2013)

What God Wants: Theological Atheism – We should respect God’s wishes and act like he doesn’t exist. (May 2007)

Religion and Abortion – The anti-abortion viewpoint is rooted in misogynistic patriarchal religion. Abortion rights should be protected under our constitutional right to freedom of religion. (Oct 2001)

Anti-Abortionists Don’t Have a Biblical Leg to Stand On – Yes, the Bible is Pro-Choice! (Aug 2001)

Mortal Sins of the Vatican (July 1999)

Why the Christian Right Wages War Against Abortion (Sept 1998)

An Atheist’s Favourite Bible Verses (1998)

Sample chapter of a book-length debate between a Christian and an Atheist. This excerpt is on Biblical prophecy. (1991)

Believe It or Not – Mensa’s Religious Quotient – Members of the high IQ society are more likely to be non-believers than the general population (March 1990)

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